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West Loop Loft Space

Cadmium Interiors was called in to help with new paint and new lighting for a child's room and above the kitchen island. After interviewing the couple, we all agreed to that the kitchen needed to look brighter and other areas of the home was lacking their unique touch. We came up with the following project list:

  • add task lighting in the kitchen,
  • better lighting, ambient and reading in the living room 
  • ambient and task lighting in the master bedroom
  • neutral yet fresh color palette throughout
  • better lighting in the child's room
  • space planning throughout
  • Toy Organization
  • Master Bedroom Clothing organization
The clients definitely knew what they liked and disliked, so it made it easy to help them.


Cadmium Interiors came into the clients' home with an understanding that the client knew what they wanted but were also open to suggestions. We talked over what they wanted to do, took copious notes and then went home to create a quote. 

We presented the quote, knowing that we would tweak it again to remove items they weren't ready to tackle based on budget. 

We explained why we were suggesting the items we did, wanting them to realize that we had their everyday lives in mind. They agreed to most of our suggestions and we moved forward.

We created a lighting plan, chose porcelain 12x24 tiles for the kitchen backsplash, used a monorail for living room lighting, a new linear pendant light for the kitchen island, found a fun yet elegant light for the child's room, created a palette of greys and blues, created an ambience that was lacking in the Master Bedroom, created better organization of their closet and the child's closet, allowing them to move some of the toys into hiding.


While the husband stayed home, his wife took a trip and we were able to complete all the lighting, backsplash and painting while she was gone for the week. 

Once the project was complete, the clients fully understood that the lighting really was lacking in task lighting. They understood our color palette choices and fell in love with the loft all over again! Our client even said she enjoyed cooking now. And they were thrilled to be able to get rid of the huge wardrobe in the bedroom, once the closet was reorganized.

It was a joy to make these tweaks to their home to help them lead more productive and happy lives.