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Eco-Friendly Near Zero Green Home

Our client built a house using the Passive House Standard. It is the first of it's kind in the Chicago Area. The developer and architect not only
built to create energy efficiency, they introduced no toxins or chemicals with the green building materials used during construction. Healthy Child, Healthy World organization performed testing to ensure the home is ultimately toxin-free and healthy for families.

Our clients have two children and they wanted us to furnish spaces with furniture, lighting and that meet the criteria of Healthy Child, Healthy World. We also chose the palette which was executed via Safecoat Paint.


We met with a Healthy Child, Healthy Home Representative (healthychild.org) to discuss the requirements of a Healthy Home and how to accomplish
furnishing a space with furniture, rugs, lighting, accessories that will not add toxins to the environment.

  • Furniture must be made with green materials, including FSC Certified wood,
    wood with no formaldehydes, non-toxic, water-based glues, stains and paints. 
  • Alternatively, furniture and accessories should be off-gassed/VOCs and toxins have dissipated. Paint must be water-based and toxin free. 
  • Preferred lighting is LED. 
  • Rugs must be organic and made with dyes that
    are non-toxic and chromium free. 
  • Fabrics in re-upholstery
    must be organic, non-toxic dyes.
Cadmium strove to meet these stringent requirements so that our clients’ home could be certified Healthy Child, Healthy Home.


Our clients live healthfully in their new home. Air quality tests performed are the baseline for future homes.

Cadmium Interiors found furniture from Holly Hunt, Century Furniture and other showrooms during the showroom floor sample sales.

Furniture was also sourced from consignment stores. Cadmium sourced organic and toxin-free fabrics to re-upholster two pieces of furniture and for all window treatments. We sourced toxin-free rugs from Organic Looms and Oscar Isberian Rugs.